Cennox Project and Security Solutions (CPSS), a Cennox company, provides project management and electronic security services across the United States. From full branch buildouts to security installations, CPSS has vast experience across a wide range of industries and project sizes. No matter the challenge or depth of technical knowledge required, CPSS has the resources, relationships, and knowledge to ensure your success.

Clients who choose CPSS as their solutions provider are assigned a dedicated CPSS professional point-person along every step of the process. This means cost savings for you and increased efficiency for each project.

CPSS is a nationwide, full-service general contractor, security integrator, rigging service provider, and installation vendor. Our network of business alliances and subcontractor relationships enable us to adapt to project demands and economic conditions. CPSS manages all construction projects with a deft, experienced hand so that your team can focus on other business objectives.

CPSS provide the highest level of quality construction services at fair and competitive prices to keep projects within budget while maintaining your brand image.

Facility Transformation

Our Facility Transformation provides an in-house skilled team to deliver a wide variety of projects.

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Security Solutions

Our Security Solutions lead the way in security products and their implementation.

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Our Branding services are authentic, providing unique concepts that impress.

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Our team of skilled professionals reach across all continental States to deliver dynamic projects and services.



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